R&D Laboratory

Disintegration Tester

Manufacturer: ERWEKA (Germany) 

Tapped density tester

Manufacturer: ERWEKA (Germany) 

Ball Mill for grinding crystalline materials

Manufacturer: ERWEKA (Germany) 

Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker 

Manufacturer: CISA (Spain)

Thermogravimetric Analyzer 

Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo (Switzerland)

Tablet Friability/Abrasion Tester

Manufacturer: ERWEKA (Germany) 

Tablet Hardness Tester 

Manufacturer: ERWEKA (Germany) )

Zoom Stereomicroscope

Manufacturer: OLYMPUS (Japan)

Infrared Moisture Analyzer

Manufacturer: KETT (Japan)

The system for determining the solubility of tablets and other medicinal forms

Manufacturer: ERWEKA (Germany) 

Titrator the Karl Fischer version

Manufacturer: Metrohm (Switzerland)

Automatic Melting Point Apparatus

Manufacturer: BUCHI (Switzerland)

Eccentric Tablet Machine

Manufacturer: Farmalabor Tech (Italy)

Other equipment:

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