For Patients and Their Families

The mission of NovaMedica is to create comprehensive therapy solutions for patients and their families to ensure the best result with the help of innovative and efficient medical technologies. The company offers patients new pharmaceutical drugs, technologies and other innovative products and services that have successfully proven themselves in various other countries but have not been available in Russia or the CIS before. Our solutions are intended for medical assistance at all stages, from diagnostics and prevention of diseases to treatment and continuous protection.

We are also prepared to actively communicate with patients and patient organizations in Russia and the CIS to raise awareness of new treatment methods in all areas where our company has competences. 


NovaMedica’s priority is the safety and effectiveness of its pharmaceutical products. Collection of information in this area allows us to receive the most complete and accurate data on the products and provide it to patients and doctors.

Effectiveness and safety of pharmaceutical products are monitored and studied continuously throughout all stages of the drug’s existence: during development, pre-clinical and clinical trials and for the entire time that it is available in the market. According to Federal Law 61-FZ dd April 12, 2010 on Circulation of Medicines registered products circulating in the territory of the Russian Federation are subject to the effectiveness and safety monitoring for the purpose of detecting any possible adverse effects of their use, warning healthcare professionals and patients and protecting patients from the consequences of using such products.

In line with its ethical principles and in compliance with the requirements of the Russian law, NovaMedica, as holder of or authorized person under marketing authorizations, ensures collection, registration, processing, analysis and storage of messages received in relation to safety of pharmaceutical products. You can send us any information on adverse reactions, drug interactions, idiosyncrasies, as well as any other facts or circumstances posing a threat to human life or health or changing the relation between the expected benefit and the possible risk of using the products in accordance with the international safety standards.

Please inform us of any side effects or any other adverse events that you or your relatives and friends might have experienced as a result of using our company’s products.

In case of rapid deterioration of health immediately contact the emergency medical service or your doctor.

The information that you submit will help make our products more effective and safe. By collecting safety information our company can receive and provide to patients and doctors the most complete and accurate data on the products’ safety profiles and detect rare side effects, which, in its turn, helps the doctors prescribing the products to correctly assess their safety and better control the patients’ treatment.

If you learned some information about a product, send it to us even if you are not sure that this information is significant.

What should be reported and how?

If you learned any information related to safety of NovaMedica’s products, including information on adverse reactions, complaints regarding quality, lack of therapeutic effect, etc., please send us a detailed message as soon as possible (ideally within 24 hours) using any of the channels listed below:

1. call the pharmacovigilance hotline: 8 (800) 222-49-08;

2. send a message in free format by mail to our address: 8, 2nd Brestskaya St., 125196 Moscow, Russia, Panorama Business Center, 15th floor, office of NovaMedica LLC (marked “Pharmacovigilance” or “Information on pharmacosafety”);

3. send a message in free format by E-mail to ;

4. download the proposed safety alert form (follow the link), fill it out and send it by mail to the address specified in i. 2 or by E-mail to  ;

5. fill out the online safety alert form.

By sending a message to NovaMedica you confirm that you Consent to processing of your personal data (for the text of the consent, follow the link), as well as any information contained in the message.

Please ensure that you have provided the minimum required information in your message:


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