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  • Relonova, new Russian drug for the relief of migraine-associated headaches, is now available in online pharmacies


    A new Russian drug for the relief of headaches caused by migraine attacks, Relonova® (INN Rizatriptan), developed and produced by the Russian pharmaceutical company NovaMedica, has become available for purchase on online pharmacy websites, which will make it easier for patients to access it.

  • Production of one of the world's most sought-after drugs for migraine therapy starts in Moscow


    The Russian pharmaceutical company NovaMedica has announced the production and market launch of the first large batch of the drug Relonova® intended for relief of migraine-associated headaches. The drug is based on the Rizatriptan molecule, which for the first time is fully localized in Russia, from development and manufacturing to introduction in the specialist prescription practice. Rizatriptan is one of the most sought-after molecules in the world for relief and alleviation of migraine symptoms.

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