NovaMedica aims to provide doctors and patients with access to the most innovative and effective pharmaceutical products. The NovaMedica portfolio is formed from drugs developed and registered within our own R&D-program (these drugs are manufactored by the R&D-Center NovaMedica Innotech in Moscow) as well as from products from our partners.

Key development area of NovaMedica’s product portfolio is NEUROLOGY/CNS, an area in which the search for new effective solutions has extraordinary social importance.​ This segment of our portfolio currently includes the following products:

Seroquel® – a modern the 2nd generation antipsychotic for:

- Contradictory long-term therapy in patients with a chronic course of schizophrenia;

- Treatment of patients with newly diagnosed schizophrenia;

- Correction of negative symptoms and cognitive deficit in patients with schizophrenia;

- Therapy of schizophrenia patients with therapeutic resistance to traditional neuroleptics.

Seroquel® Prolong – is an antipsychotic (neuroleptic) for the treatment of:

- Schizophrenia, including relapse prevention in stable patients;

- Bipolar disorders, including: moderate and severe manic episodes in the structure of bipolar disorder, severe episodes of depression in the structure of bipolar disorder, prevention of relapse of bipolar disorders in patients with prior effective quetiapine therapy of manic or depressive episodes in the structure of bipolar disorder.

Mioreol® - innovative drug based on donepezil and memantine molecules which are most commonly used in the treatment of Alzheimer disease for patients with moderate and severe forms of this disease.

Relonova® is an innovative drug based on the rizatriptan molecule for the relief of a migraine attack (headache and associated symptoms). Relonova® is a proprietary development of NovaMedica and is produced in Russia on a full cycle basis.

Levroso® Long is an innovative combined drug (diphenhydramine + sustained release melatonin) for the treatment of insomnia, which is a proprietary development of NovaMedica and is produced in Russia.

Difendum – diclofenac potassium 12,5 mg and 25 mg, locally produced in Russia, in soft gelatin capsules for pain syndrome treatment, especially head ache.Difendum – diclofenac potassium 12,5 mg and 25 mg, locally produced in Russia, in soft gelatin capsules for pain syndrome treatment, especially head ache.

All products passed Clinical Trials and registered in Russia.



NovaMedica is interested in developing the portfolio both through the development of own drugs and by attracting partner products in the area of treatment of diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) and rare diseases.

At the current stage, several NovaMedica developed RX-medicines for treatment CNS diseases are being prepared to launch the market, which will the existing portfolio.

In addition, cooperation with partner companies to bring drugs for the treatment of rare diseases to market is actively developing.

Our key partner in the field of rare diseases:

Founded in 2003, Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company located in Branford, Connecticut. Marinus is dedicated to the reformulation, development, and commercialization of Ganaxolone (Trade name Ztalmy®). In Q1 2022 Ztalmy® received an approval from US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

ZTALMY® is a prescription medicine used to treat seizures associated with cyclin-dependent kinase-like 5 (CDKL5) deficiency disorder in people 2 years of age and older. It is not known if ZTALMY is safe and effective in children under 2 years of age. ZTALMY is a sugar-free cherry-flavored oral suspension suitable for ketogenic diets.

Clinical studies are ongoing on the use of the drug for the treatment of other similar diseases.

Please visit www.ztalmy.com for detailed information on the product.

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