Sergey Glagolev: Foreign companies are interested in conducting clinical trials in Russia

08 June 2023


As the deputy of Russian Minister of Health Sergey Glagolev says that there is no significant decrease in the number of applications for clinical trials from foreign pharmaceutical companies, despite the fact that numerous manufacturers have withdrawn their applications or terminated the trials that have been started. In addition, there is an increased interest in conducting clinical trials from Russian companies.

“Lately we have seen the unconstructive position of some foreign drug manufacturers by stopping the submission of applications for multicenter clinical trials. Despite such actions, a significant part of foreign companies continue to apply for these permissions,” he said during the XXV All-Russian Conference “PharmMedAppeal-2023”.

Speaking about applications coming from Russian pharmaceutical companies, Glagolev noted that “our industry is starting to explore the cutting edge, such as using orphan drugs in particular”. He also recalled that amendments to the legislation are currently being prepared to be allowed recognition of foreign clinical trials in some cases.



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