NovaMedica leaders are in the TOP 1000 Russian managers 2023

27 September 2023

The Russian Managers Association, together with Kommersant Publishing House, annually publishes an independent rating of the country's talented leaders from among the top management of Russian companies and heads of functions. TOP 1000 Russian Managers is one of the most prestigious ratings, the results of which serve as a guide for the entire business community. Two directors of the pharmaceutical company NovaMedica are among its laureates in 2023.

NovaMedica CEO Elena LITVINOVA was named among the Top 250 Senior Executives and in one of the leading positions in the pharmaceutical industry. 

The Head of the Business Unit of NovaMedica Oksana KRASNYKH made her debut in the ranking among the Top 100 Commercial Directors. She is successfully working to scale up the company’s business.

“Credit for winning the nominations should be given to the outstanding team of professionals at NovaMedica, which employs dedicated and strong managers. This year was a breakthrough year for NovaMedica in terms of the growth rates of its business and portfolio of own-development drugs. Representatives of our company have taken notable places in the TOP 1000 ranking for more than 8 years, which pleases and inspires us to move forward in the interests of our socially significant industry and for the benefit of Russian patients,” said NovaMedica CEO Elena LITVINOVA.  

The TOP 1000 Russian Managers rating, a project of the Managers Association and Kommersant Publishing House promoting the highest management standards, has been held annually since 2001. For almost a quarter of a century, it has been identifying the country’s most talented leaders among the top management of Russian companies. Every year, the ranking presents the country with those who have demonstrated the best results in the current year and who have had the greatest impact on the Russian economy

The Managers Association is one of the leading business associations in Russia. The activities of the Managers Association are aimed at the professional development of the managers’ community, transition to socially responsible standards of business, and integration into the global economy. The Managers Association was formed in 1999. Over the years, it has proven itself as an independent expert platform for developing a consolidated business position on the most pressing social and professional challenges facing the leaders of Russian enterprises, society and the government. (


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