Ministry of Health simplified rules of an extract of recipes on drugs

02 July 2013


Since July 1 in Russia the order of an extract of recipes on narcotic and psychotropic preparations became simpler. The relevant document as "The Russian newspaper" reports, was approved by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
Now attending physicians of patients will be able to write out appointments to narcotic drugs. Earlier only profile experts, for example, oncologists could do it. 

Also the dosage was increased at purpose of preparations of “the strict account”, such as fentanyl, promedol and omnopon. Besides, the document increases actions of recipes by terms which will vary from a concrete type of drugs. 

Since July to all fatally sick patients whom write out home, will give out anesthetizing narcotic preparations at the rate of five-day treatment. It is made that there were no situations when after return from hospital seriously ill patients people for some days remained actually without anesthesia. 

Under the new order doctors will be obliged to write out recipes according to the international unlicensed names (IUN). For example, instead of “Panadol” or “Efferalgan” paracetamol will be simply specified. As the initiator of a similar innovation the Federal Antimonopoly Service acted.


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