Belarus has received the initial shipment of cancer diagnostic generators from Rosatom

27 September 2023


Rosatom supplied the first batch of technetium-99m GT-5K generators for medical institutions of the Republic of Belarus. This was reported by the press service of JSC All-Regional Association Isotope (part of the Health Technologies division of Rosatom).

Technetium-99m generators are used for diagnostic procedures for oncological, cardiac, neuroendocrine and other diseases. Technetium-99m is the most popular isotope in nuclear medicine; it is used in more than 80% of SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) procedures.

“In accordance with the concluded contract, V/O Isotope will supply more than 900 technetium-99m GT-5K generators of various activities to the Republic of Belarus. Thus, Rosatom will meet the annual need of medical institutions in Belarus for technetium-99m generators by 100%,” the statement says.



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