Rosatoms radiotherapy complex for cancer treatment has been registered

02 August 2022


On July 29, AO Rusatom Healthcare (a company where the healthcare expertise of Rosatom state corporation is concentrated) received a registration certificate from Roszdravnadzor for a radiation therapy complex based on Onyx electron accelerator 6 MeV (KLT-6). The first deliveries of medical equipment to medical institutions will begin in 2023, the press service of AO Rusatom Healthcare reported.

The developer of Onyx is the Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics and Automation (within the management system of AO Rusatom Healthcare). Rosatom’s production facilities will be used to solve the issue of linear accelerators shortage in the Russian Federation and improve the availability of high-quality high-tech cancer care to the population. Rosatom is ready to cater for most of the needs for this equipment, the press service stressed.

“In the Russian Federation, according to Rosstat data for 2021, 262 devices were in operation, with a significant part of the existing equipment fleet outdated: 71 linear accelerators have a service life of more than 10 years and have to be replaced. At the same time, the need for linear accelerators in our country is very high. For instance, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation “On Approval of the Procedure for Providing Medical Care to Adults with Oncological Diseases” No. 116 dated February 19, 2021, one linear accelerator per 300,000 population must be provided in the country, that is, at least 485 devices are needed for this purpose,” the message says.

In 2020–2021, this equipment was procured in high numbers due to the implementation of targeted programs: about 90 more linear accelerators were installed, including those that replaced dismantled outdated systems. Despite this, the need for linear accelerators is still high, with a shortage of least 200 devices, AO Rusatom Healthcare said.

The Onyx radiation therapy complex is based on a compact medical linear accelerator with a beam of braking radiation with a nominal energy of 6 MeV; in most cases, the energy is sufficient for radiation therapy, and such a level means easier measures for protecting premises and personnel from radiation.

Onyx implements modern methods of remote radiation therapy (three-dimensional conformal, with the use of visualization tools to control the patient’s position, with intensity modulation, rotational mode with volumetric beam intensity modulation, etc.) in the treatment of patients in radiological departments of oncological institutions of all levels. Compared with its analogues, the complex is characterized by its low operating costs, reliability, greater availability of service and domestic components throughout the entire life cycle of the equipment.

“At the moment, a number of oncological diseases are treated in Russia with the use of foreign-made equipment, Onyx is a completely Russian development. The share of domestic components reaches 80%. whereas the price of Onyx does not depend on the volatility of the exchange rate. Service, including warranty service, is provided by AO NIITFA in Moscow, which guarantees fast responce. We are confident that its competitive characteristics and a wide range of solutions that it offers to oncological problems will allow our radiation therapy complex to become a leader among remote radiation therapy equipment,”  Igor Obrubov, CEO of AO Rusatom Healthcare said.

Rusatom Healthcare Division is starting serial production of medical equipment. The first deliveries of a radiation therapy complex based on the Onyx electron accelerator to medical institutions are scheduled for 2023.

Rusatom Healthcare earlier announced the launch of production of domestic MRI devices.



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