Four NovaMedica Executives are in the Top-1000 Russian Managers Rating Released by the Managers Association of Russia and Kommersant Publishing House

03 October 2016

Four NovaMedica executives are among the business leaders listed in the Top-1000 Russian Managers rating released annually by the Managers Association of Russia and Kommersant Publishing House.

Evgenia Lamina, NovaMedica Vice President, Sales, ranks first in the Top-100 Chief Sales Officers of the pharmaceutical industry.

Maria Makarova, NovaMedica Vice President, Finance, also ranks first in the Top-100 Chief Financial Officers of the pharmaceutical industry.

Dmitriy Kopytin, NovaMedica Vice President, Legal, is among 50 best Chief Counsels ranking second in the pharmaceutical industry.

Marina Aivazova, Vice President, HR and Administration, is in the Top-100 Chief Human Resources Officers.

“I’m proud to work with the strongest team in the market,” commented Alexander Kuzin, NovaMedica Managing Director.

TOP-1000 Russian Managers rating is the project of the Managers Association of Russia promoting the highest standards of management which take place annually since 2001. The federal rating identifies the “best of the best” among managers and has been capturing trends in the highest and functional tiers of the Russian management for the last 17 years. The final annual rating is published in the federal Kommersant newspaper every September.

Managers Association is one of the leading business associations in Russia promoting professional development of the management community, transition to the socially responsible business standards, and integration in the global economy. The Managers Association was established in 1999. Over the years, it proved itself as an independent expert community developing a consolidated business position on the most acute social and professional challenges faced by the management of the large Russian companies, authorities and society at large (


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