NovaMedica is Expanding Ophta Horizons

27 May 2015

May 27, 2015, St. Petersburg – NovaMedica, a Russian pharmaceutical company, participated in the White Nights-2015 International Ophthalmology Congress and hosted a satellite symposium “NovaMedica: New Ophta Horizons”. The symposium was started by Boris Malyugin, Deputy General Director for Science at MNTK “Eye Microsurgery” named after Federov S.N., and presented the first publication of in vitro research results on potency of netilmicin and reference drug products.

Andrey Dekhnich, Deputy Director for Science at Antimicrobial Chemotherapy R&D Center of Smolensk State Medical Academy, reported on antibiotic efficacy research of netilmicin, the active pharmaceutical ingredient of Nettacin and Nettavisc from Italian SIFI used in therapy of frequent bacterial eye infections. The research included its comparison with eight other popular products such as Ciprofloxacin, Tobramycin, Moxifloxacin, etc.

“To ensure higher credibility, the infection samples were collected in different regions of Russia from Irkutsk to Krasnodar. The research results showed high sensitivity of the most eye infection agents to netilmicin, which potency exceeds major reference drug products,” Andrey Dekhnich said.

Olga Fateeva, Marketing Director at NovaMedica, introduced her colleague Giampiero Alessi, Marketing Director at SIFI, who thanked NovaMedica for the partnership and an opportunity to present to the Russian medical society their best products, including netilmicin that demonstrated excellent results of the research in Russia. Mr. Alessi encouraged the ophta community to trust the quality of Nettacin and Nettavisc promoted in the Russian market and promised “to defend heath of the Russian patients’ eyes with Italian passion.”

In her speech, Olga Fateeva noted that NovaMedica is one of the most promising investment projects in the Russian healthcare market with a high potential to bring many innovative products and technologies to Russia and provide therapies for challenging diseases of high social importance.

“High class of the Russian ophthalmology, excellent medical expertise and well-equipped hospitals, unfortunately, encounter the absence of new and more effective technologies and products in the Russian market – they are unavailable for Russian patients and doctors. That is why ophthalmology is one of NovaMedica’s key therapeutic areas, which is extremely important for the Russian healthcare system.

The symposium also included successful speeches of Dmitry Maychuk, Head of Therapeutic Ophthalmology Department at MNTK “Eye Microsurgery” named after Federov S.N., and Vladimir Brzhesky, Head of Ophthalmology Department at Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy. The symposium was broadcasted online at Russian Ophthalmology Online.

Reference Information:

NovaMedica is a Russian pharmaceutical company established in 2012 by DRI Holdings Limited, a portfolio company of Domain Associates LLC, and Russian investment corporation RUSNANO, which implements government policy of fostering the development of hi-tech industries. The company’s strategy is aimed at localizing production of a wide range of new medicines and technologies in the Russian market, including screening and registration of new pharmaceuticals, and the creation of innovative GMP-standard manufacturing facilities. More information 



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