NovaMedica helps ophthalmologists getting new knowledge

20 March 2015

March 13-14, NovaMedica participated in the annual conference “The 14th All-Russian Ophthalmologist School 2015” near Moscow. The event welcomed more than 200 medical specialist from all over Russia. The opinion leaders’s reports and presentations covered various issues of therapeutical and surgical ophtalmology.

The conference participants met Professor Maria A. Kovalevskaya from Voronezh State Medical Academy of N.N. Burdenko who presented a report on modern aspects of eye infection antibiotic therapy prepared under support of NovaMedica.

Professor Kovalevskaya, a recognized opinion leader in ophthalmology, introduced the most effective treaments to the ophtalmological community, particularly, two block-buster products in NovaMedica’s portfolio originated by SIFI (Italy): Nettacin and Colbiocin. The report provoked heated discussions on the urgent issues of antibiotic therapy including the Italian products on the Russian market.

NovaMedica’s exhibition stand with the whole ophalmological portfolio of the company attracted a lot of attention from the professional audience. NovaMedica’s ambition to become one of the leading players on the Russian ophtalmological market was sincerely approved by the academic and practicing community.

Reference information:

NovaMedica is a Russian pharmaceutical company established in 2012 by DRI Holdings Limited, a portfolio company of Domain Associates LLC, a venture capital firm with an exclusive focus on investing in life science companies, and Russian investment corporation RUSNANO, which initiatives to promote the Russian government’s policy of fostering hi-tech industries.

NovaMedica was formed to provide the development, marketing and operational capabilities needed to commercialize highly innovative next-generation products from the collaboration in Russia and the CIS.

The company’s strategy is aimed at localizing production of a wide range of new medicines and technologies for the Russian market, including establishing screening and registration operations and innovative GMP-standard manufacturing facilities.

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