Grand finale from a veritable stalwart of neuroscience

09 November 2023

A real gem of the Manage Pain Congress was the Grand Finale performed by Eduard YAKUPOV, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Professor Yakupov Neuroclinic and Education Center, which was held with the support of NovaMedica.

Professor Yakupov’s original report “Via dolorosa. The path of suffering or the road to deliverance?”, a most interesting presentation based on an artistic and deep analysis of the work of the famous writer Mikhail Bulgakov, was done from an unusual point of view – from the point of view of a professional doctor. Eduard Yakupov has studied Bulgakov not just as a writer, but also as a physician and a colleague in the profession. The description he recited of the migraine of the procurator Pontius Pilate from Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita was worthy of the stages of the best theaters. Speaking of the scene, Professor added that “it would have been great if Pontius Pilate could take either Difendum or Relonova (note: new NovaMedica drugs for the treatment of pain), perhaps then he would have been kinder to the people around him.

During the presentation, speaking on treatment strategies for headaches associated with migraine attacks, Dr. Yakupov focused on the comparison between triptans and NSAIDs. He believes that “there are various ways to relieve a migraine attack, and rizatriptan has a special place among them. However, NSAIDs hold a special place as well.”

Talking about triptans, he noted that rizatriptan stands out among other drugs in this group due to its very good results in terms of effectiveness, duration of effect and tolerability. This is why, in his opinion, Relonova (INN rizatriptan) should be the drug of choice in such therapy.

“We knew that rizatriptan was already available in the European market, but we could only look at this opportunity with envy. And now, finally, we also have access to it and can use this modern Russian drug, Relonova, produced by NovaMedica. The pharmacokinetics of Relonova, as shown by the bioequivalence study, are no different from the original rizatriptan,” said Eduard Yakupov.

At the same time, he emphasized that “we must not forget about first-line drugs, analgesics and NSAIDs, with which we usually start treatment.”

“NovaMedica has such a product as well, it is called Difendum (note: diclofenac potassium), and has the indication for headache, among others. Difendum is in no way different from original diclofenac potassium drugs. What is important is that it is released in soft gelatin capsules and in different strengths, because all our patients have different migraine profiles. And it is convenient to take: a neat soft capsule in a gelatin shell, one can take it even without water,” the speaker added.  

In his vivid presentation, Dr. Yakupov devoted considerable time to the issues of his colleagues, speaking, once again using the example of Mikhail Bulgakov as a doctor, about the problems medical practitioners face in their work. He shared his experience of useful practices for overcoming various difficulties in interaction with patients and co-workers, and talked about how not to “burn out” at work and continue to enjoy life.

At the end of the Grand Finale, Professor received warm recognition for his original, lively and artistic performance – grateful applause from the audience and many appreciative comments in the online broadcast chat.

The 14th Manage Pain Congress was held in Moscow on November 6-8, 2023. Its goal was to disseminate advanced knowledge on the problem of pain among Russian doctors, to improve communication between doctors of various specialties, and to ensure international exchange of experience in organizing care and treating patients suffering from various pain syndromes, including headaches and migraines.

For information:

Relonova® is an innovative drug based on the rizatriptan molecule for the relief of migraine attacks (headaches and accompanying symptoms). Relonova® is NovaMedica’s own-development product, the full-cycle manufacture of which is located in Russia.

Difendum is the first drug in Russia based on diclofenac potassium for the treatment of pain in the form of soft gelatin capsules that ensure its speed of action and convenient administration, even if not taken with water.


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