Relonova, new Russian drug for the relief of migraine-associated headaches, is now available in online pharmacies

12 September 2023

A new Russian drug for the relief of headaches caused by migraine attacks, Relonova® (INN Rizatriptan), developed and produced by the Russian pharmaceutical company NovaMedica, has become available for purchase on online pharmacy websites, which will make it easier for patients to access it.

NovaMedica began manufacturing the drug in July. Now patients can purchase Relonova® both in retail pharmacies and online – on the pharmacy marketplaces,,, 36,6, as well as in other online pharmacies. The drug is sold on a doctor's prescription.

Relonova® was developed by NovaMedica based on the molecule Rizatriptan, which is widely used in the world to relieve and alleviate migraine symptoms. It is intended for the emergency treatment of headaches associated with migraine attacks in patients over 18 years of age[1]. The drug is used for moderate and severe migraine episodes, when conventional painkillers and NSAIDs are not sufficiently effective[1]. In trials, Rizatriptan has shown high effectiveness in preventing migraine relapses within 24 hours after taking the drug[2].

Relonova® is not intended for use at the patient’s discretion and is only sold at pharmacies on a doctor's prescription. Detailed information about the drug is provided in the package leaflet and in the summary of product characteristics posted on the NovaMedica website.

Relonova® is manufactured in Moscow at the facilities of the Technology Center NovaMedica Innotech (100% subsidiary of NovaMedica).

Migraine is one of the most common diseases affecting the quality of life and ability to work of the adult population. In Russia, according to the results of population studies cited in the Clinical Guidelines of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on Migraine[3], the annual prevalence of this disease is 20.8% among the adult population (from 18 to 65 years old)[4].

About the company:

NovaMedica is a Russian pharmaceutical company created in 2012, a portfolio company of RUSNANO JSC. NovaMedica’s strategy is aimed at search and localization in Russia of innovative pharmaceutical products and creation of new drugs under its own R&D program. NovaMedica actively builds and expands a portfolio of CNS products, which is formed by its own developments. The Company has created the most suitable infrastructure for commercialization and promotion of both its own and partners’ drugs. In 2022, the Company received a certificate of conformity to the GOST R ISO 9001-2015 standard for its quality management system regarding wholesale trade in drug products for human use, including storage and transportation.

In 2017, NovaMedica opened in Moscow the R&D Center NovaMedica Innotech (100% subsidiary of NovaMedica). The Center has state-of-the-art technological capacities, carries out research, development and manufacturing of innovative and effective drug products, including on a contractual basis. Innotech is GMP-compliant and has been issued a GMP certificate by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. Production capacity of the R&D Center is up to 150 mln units per year (tablets, soft and hard gelatin capsules with various fillers: microtablets, pellets, granules, powders).


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