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For our partners, the Russian pharmaceutical market is a market of new business development opportunities and NovaMedica is a reliable guide in entering it. For the last decade, the Russian pharma market has been steadily growing in general and especially in those therapeutic areas where there were previously unmet needs. These areas see the most active growth and still have unoccupied market niches.

The key therapeutic area with the highest potential for partnership and business development in Russia is diseases of the central nervous system (CNS). Our advanced commercial infrastructure, successful history of product licensing and commercialization, experience in cooperation with international companies, as well as our own R&D and manufacturing site will provide a sound bridge for our partners to enter the Russian market.

Russian Pharmaceutical Market

The Russian pharmaceutical market demonstrates positive dynamics in terms of revenue, particulary in the retail segment and budget segment of the regional reimbursement channel. According to analysts at IQVIA, in 2023, the Russian pharmaceutical market grew by 4% in value terms (reaching 2,125 billion rubles) compared to 2022. During this period, the retail market grew by 8% (reaching 1,321 billion rubles), while the hospital segment decreased by 3% (to 805 billion rubles). Sales in packages predictable declined by 1%.

E-com in pharma

Online retail continues to increase its share in both RX and OTC segments, reaching according to IQVIA in 2023 the share of 12% and 21%, respectively. Analysts expect growth in this segment in 2024.

Import substitution

Long-term government policy aims to increase the share of domestically produced products in the Russian pharmaceutical market is converting into a stable trend, although it has slowed down in recent years. According to IQVIA data, local companies hold 36% market share in terms of revenue and 63% in packages.

The CNS Therapeutic Area

Russian CNS (Central Nervous System) market is a target market for NovaMedica and our potential partners/ It consistently demonstrates sustainable growth in the retail segment, increasing annually both in revenue terms and in product units. According to IQVIA data, in 2023 it reached 166 billion rubles. the retail segment stands out as the primary distribution channel, constituting a significant 84% of the total monetary volume.

Key trends in this segment include the rising number of patients and notable shift from outdated, lower-cost medications to more sophisticated and higher-value products.

Our Proposal to Partners

​For more than 10 years, NovaMedica has been using the opportunities of the Russian growing pharmaceutical market to build its portfolio, and invites partners interested in promoting their products in Russia to share in our success.

To our partners, we offer a package of services that is as customized as possible and that includes all necessary product promotion stages, from clinical trials to market launch and sales organization. NovaMedica has the entire range of capabilities to ensure high-quality support of its partners at each stage. We have everything required for successful cooperation:

We are ready to contribute all these to joint projects with our partners to pave the way to success in the Russian market together.

We value all our partners and remain waiting for your proposals!

If you want to discuss the partnership opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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