"So, what is a pill made of?"

03 March 2021

We have already made a tradition of guided tours to the R&D Center NovaMedica Innotech for our most curious and precious visitors – children who come to see what their mothers and fathers do at work.

The kids simply bombarded our employees with questions. What is a pill made of? What makes it taste and smell a certain way? Why are pills different colors? How does this cool machine work? Why do these shiny pretty drums rotate? What can you see in the microscope? …

Head of the technology team Damir Salakhetdinov and the Director General of NovaMedica Innotech Alexander Rudko helped the visitors find answers to their questions.

First of all, our guests pressed their noses to the windows looking into manufacturing sites. Then, they observed technological procedures in the R&D laboratory: tabletization and coating. The children saw how mixes and suspensions are prepared and how tablets are tested for integrity, friability and disintegration. After that, the employees told them about the operations at the analytical laboratory and described how they analyze tablet samples and define the amount of active ingredient in the tablet and its solubility. Both the guests and our employees came away with the most positive impressions of the tour.

It may be that some of our today’s visitors will want in future to work on inventing new drugs themselves, to eliminate all diseases and make people’s lives happier.

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