Russias nanotech sector boosted production by 50 times in 3 years, Chubais said

20 January 2014

Marchmont Innovation News

In 2013, Russia’s nanotech companies generated about $1.5bn worth of products, according to preliminary results voiced by Anatoly Chubais. The Rusnano president made this estimate,  reported  by Russian business daily RBC, at a most recent meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev of Russia. 

“We have our main KPI to focus on, and this is output volumes. In 2011, we only had about $30m; the next year it was $380m already,” Mr. Chubais said, adding that official data would soon come from Rosstat [Russia’s federal statistics agency – Editor’s note]. “We can see even now from our tentative estimates that we made it with $1.5bn last year,” the head of Russia’s nanotech giant claimed. 

According to Mr. Chubais, Rusnano has facilitated the launch of 53 new nanotech-focused factories in Russia since its start in 2007. The key guideline for Rusnano to invest is finding a private co-investor willing to kick in. “To each ruble we invest, our co-investors add between 1.5 and 2 rubles,” the Rusnano president said. 

Prime Minister Medvedev emphasized the importance of “sticking to this key guideline in the future.”




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