Innovative Analytical Method for Identifying Counterfeit Drugs

05 April 2019

GMP News

Medios AG, one of the leading Specialty Pharma companies in Germany, has rolled out its innovative analytical method for identifying counterfeit drugs following a successful trial period. Processing of the first customer orders will commence shortly. In addition, Medios has founded the subsidiary Medios Analytics GmbH in which all of the activities of the drug safety business unit are to be consolidated.

The new analytical method enables users to identify the content of a drug package by thermal radiation, meaning the packaging does not have to be opened. Therefore, the active ingredient remains sterile and can continue to be used to produce infusion solutions. The thermal radiation measurement results are checked against the data files of a reference library developed by Medios to see whether the drug is an original or counterfeit. The entire process takes just approximately one minute. As such, Medios’s new analytical method is quicker, safer and cheaper than traditional methods which require the opening of the packaging.

Manfred Schneider, CEO of Medios AG: "With the successful market launch of our analytical method, we are adding an innovative service to our offering and are broadening the basis of our growth course. We expect to see the drug safety business unit to contribute to the Medios Group’s earnings as early as in 2021."

The activities of the Medios Analytics subsidiary are to be brought together with the activities of the Medios Group’s other subsidiaries at a single site. To this end, Medios has rented office space in Berlin-Mitte. At the same time, the Management Board has resolved to sell the property in Berlin-Charlottenburg that Medios had acquired in March 2017 originally for this purpose. This is due to the limited long-term planning reliability regarding the collaboration with the local authorities. The aim of the merger is to optimise the organisation of the Medios Group.




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