Russia and Italy Cooperate over Antimonopoly in Pharma

29 January 2019

GMP News

The parties outlined the plans for the next period. Italian Competition Authority at the meeting was represented by regulator’s Commissioners – Ms. Gabriella Muscolo and Mr. Michele Ainis and staff members of the International Department.

At the outset, Stats-secretary, Deputy Head of FAS Andrey Tsarikovskiy passed congratulations to the new President of Italian Competition Authority, Roberto Rustichelli with the appointment and wished him to implement all plans and new professional success.

Then Deputy Head of FAS thanked representatives of Italian Competition Authority for multi-year productive cooperation and the interest and participation in the international event – 2018 Competition Week in Russia.

In September 2018 Italian Competition Authority was actively involved in the International Working Group for studying competition on the pharmaceutical markets that is co-chaired by our competition bodies. It should be stated that for the first time a meeting of the Working Group took place in a new format – Round Table with a broad discussion and engaging not only antimonopoly regulators, but also representatives of international pharmaceutical business. It enabled to lay the basis for productive cooperation and elaborate practice-oriented approaches to competition development and antimonopoly regulation over the pharmaceutical industry.

pointed out Andrey Tsarikovskiy.

In view of the success of the event and the interest of public at large to the topic, Andrey Tsarikovskiy proposed to hold the next meeting of the Working Group on Pharmaceutics on 28 March during the Workshop on “Competition on the pharmaceutical markets”. The workshop will take place on 26-28 March 2019 in Kazan at FAS Centre for Education and Methodics.

He pointed out that one of the main events in 2019 will be VI BRICS Competition Conference on 16-20 September 2019 in Moscow.

The Conference will be the key events in antimonopoly enforcement enabling top-level discussions about the state of competition policy and law, and developing coordinated approaches to improving them based on the best world practices.

Deputy Head of FAS also invited representatives of Italian Competition Authority to take part in Saint Petersburg International Legal and Economic Forums that are scheduled for 14-18 May and 6-8 June accordingly.

Summing up the outcome of the meeting, Andrey Tsarikovskiy stated that in the near future the collaboration between the two bodies will generate a positive synergy effect countering adverse cross-border practices.




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