Twelve production lines will be constructed in Moscow

03 October 2018

GMP News

The second offset contract for the supply of medicines will be concluded with LLC R-Opra, providing for the reciprocal investment obligations of the supplier-investor to create or modernize and (or) start the production of medicines in the territory of Moscow.

This 10 years contract aims to localize production of 56 drugs from the list of 31 international non-proprietary items within three years, followed by delivery within seven years of drugs that are used in the treatment of heart diseases, cancer, mental and pulmonary diseases, as well as for multiple sclerosis and chronic kidney failure.

More than half of the drugs purchased as part of the second Moscow offset are not yet produced on the territory of the Russian Federation; for three international non-proprietary items full cycle production will be localized.

According to the tender documentation, the minimum investment of the supplier-investor under this contract should be 3 billion rubles. The applicant proposed to increase the investments up to 5.87 billion rubles and confirmed its intention to invest the amount specified in the application documents in the creation of 12 production lines.




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