Russian powder vaccine can be transported in a conventional refrigerator

28 September 2018

GMP News

A new form of vaccine against Ebola fever has been developed in Russia, Veronica Skvortsova, the head of the department, said at a meeting with the wife of the President of the Republic of Guinea Kaba Conde, where bilateral cooperation in healthcare was discussed.

“Now we have created a new form of vaccine in the form of a powder,” Skvortsova said. She noted that it is very convenient to transport this vaccine comparing to its classical analog.

“It has not yet been submitted for registration, now it is being tested on volunteers. By the moment, testing has shown very good results. High immunogenicity and good tolerability are preserved, “the minister said.

Vaccine against Ebola, developed in Russia, was the first one registered in the world.

Earlier Skvortsova said that more than a thousand Guineans have already been vaccinated with Russian classic vaccine against Ebola fever.

As the Ministry of Health explained, the existing vaccine from Ebola should be transported at a temperature of -20 degrees, while the vaccine in the form of a powder can be transported in a conventional refrigerator with a temperature of +4 degrees.




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