Siberian scientists develop nanodrugs to fight cancer; regulators give green light

11 October 2013

Marchmont Innovation News

Siberian researchers at Tomsk Polytechnic University’ Institute of High Technology Physics have developed what they call “nanodrugs” based on organic synthesis to fight various cancers, E-News  reported . 

It is said to be one of the most recent Russian-developed pharmaceutical compositions with targeted action. The cost of production is fairly low, the source said. 

“We ‘sew’ on the surface of nanoparticles special proteins that stick to cancer cells and destroy them. This is the methodology we also use to make diagnostics substances employed in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Russia uses such drugs but doesn’t manufacture them,” said Prof. Viktor Filimonov, the head of the university’s biotechnology and organic chemistry chair and the nanodrug project leader. 

The Siberian scientists are closely collaborating in this effort with specialists from the Institute of Metal Physics and a sizable pharma company in the Urals. In Yekaterinburg, for example, the key components of the nanoparticles are made. 

According to the source, the new drugs “have already completed all testing stages” and are reported to have received the green light from regulators.




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