Ophthalmologists urged Russians to check sight by means of the Internet

11 October 2013

RF News From Russia

In the World Day of sight which is celebrated on October 10, ophthalmologists urged people not to forget about importance of prevention of a disease of eyes. As it is noted in the press release which has arrived in edition KM.RU, not all needing correction of sight address to experts. Data of the conducted researches showed that only 10 percent of Russians annually visit the ophthalmologist for survey. Now will be able to prove gravity of the intentions now to any Internet polzoval.
If time spent at the computer, exceeds six hours, and the last visit to the ophthalmologist was more than a year ago, all wishing can promise to visit the doctor and to check sight directly on the pages in social networks. For this purpose only it is required to publish the photo of own eyes with heshtegy #proverzrenie. 

It is possible to check quality of sight now not only in policlinic, but also at home. Specially for this purpose ophthalmologists developed the espress-test on a site horosheezrenie.ru. Besides, by means of a resource it became easier to learn addresses of the nearest salons of optics. 

Experts remind also that today about 285 million people worldwide suffer the violations of sight caused by the most different reasons. And many often forget about importance of that role which plays good sight in our life. Therefore ophthalmologists recommend to check sight not less often than once a year.


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