The Russian chemical industry is mastering the production of 160 patented agricultural products

04 December 2023


The Russian Union of Chemical Manufacturers announced the great potential of the Russian chemical industry in the production of drugs for the agricultural industry. According to the executive director of the association, Vladimir Alginin, significant capacities are currently idle, and if they were put into circulation, the production of a new product could be launched within a week.

He added that the Russian chemical industry is currently mastering the production of more than 160 patented Russian developments, which have no analogues in the world. Russian factories are ready to produce analogues of foreign drugs, Alginin clarified. Nevertheless, he considers the main problem not idle capacity, but the import of raw materials for these drugs – almost all active ingredients are imported into the country from China, which is why the price of the final product fluctuates depending on the ruble exchange rate.

According to the Department of Chemical Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, with domestic production capacity of 380 thousand tons, almost half of the capacity is not utilized. As the head of the department, Artur Smirnov, said, in the next five years the government will use this reserve. According to import substitution programs in this area, by 2030 the share of domestic agrochemicals in the domestic market should be 90%.



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