A resource for anti-tumor drugs testing has been launched in Russia

23 March 2023


BioVitrina, Russia’s new online resource, is an electronic database on biological samples of patients with oncological diseases. The service was developed at the world-class research center “Digital Biodesign and Personalized Healthcare”, Izvestia reports.

BioVitrina can be used to view and analyze data about tissues, plasma, and blood serum of patients. A personal account is created on the website for each donor of a biological sample, where test findings are stored. The data can be used for the selection of therapy.

According to the creators of the website, the global goal of BioVitrina is to help in the research on the fundamentals of the origin of cancer and the study of antitumor drugs (even in the absence of a suitable trial participant). Research can be made more complicated and/or delayed due to the search for volunteers and medical partners for experiments. BioVitrina will allow researchers to quickly create samples for experiments, and will also offer an impressive set of data.

In 2022, Russia’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree stating that pharmaceutical companies can receive a grant for the development of standard samples of vital and essential medicines (VED). The document explains that the creation of the resource will help, in particular, to introduce quality control of VED at all stages of their circulation.



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