The TsRPT has simplified the issuance of labeling codes for vital medicines

16 September 2021


The drug labeling system has started to automatically identify vital drugs and medicines worth less than 20 rubles that are issued marking codes for free, TASS reports with reference to the press service of the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (TsRPT), which is the operator of the labeling system.

“One of the important innovations that we have implemented is linking the cost of labeling codes to the maximum selling price for drugs, as well as automating the issuance of codes for vital medicines and medicines that cost less than 20 rubles. To recall, codes for these categories are issued free of charge,” the press service quotes Egor Zhavoronkov, the head of the Pharma commodity group of the TsRPT.

He noted that when placing their orders in the labeling system, the participants of circulation should update the maximum selling prices in the Unified Structured Reference Catalog of Medicines (USRCM) of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation or in the monitoring system for medicines circulation (MSMC).

Labeling of medicines in Russia became mandatory on July 1, 2020. Unmarked medicines can legally remain in circulation until their expiration date if they were produced before July 1, 2020 or before October 1, 2020, if they have received a permit from the special commission.




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