In Russia, the Second Stage of Vaccination against COVID-19 with the Sputnik V Vaccine Has Begun

01 October 2020

GMP News

The second stage of inoculation against the coronavirus within the framework of clinical studies has begun in Moscow, the second shot has already been administered to six people, Deputy Moscow Mayor Anastasia Rakova said on September 30.

“The second component of the vaccine against the coronavirus has been received already by six participants of the study. Today it is planned to inoculate about 20 people. Sputnik V is a two-component vaccine and the second inoculation is needed to strengthen the immune response developed as a result of the first injection. According to the results of the first inoculation which has already been administered to over 5,700 people, we see that the absolute majority is in good health,” she said.

The second stage of the inoculation has already begun at the medical institutions where the first study participants were vaccinated. There are four of them: outpatient clinics No. 2, No. 62, and No. 220, as well as the outpatient division of the Konchalovsky clinical hospital. Soon the second stage will begin in all institutions involved in the study.

The interval between the administration of the first and the second component of the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus is 21 days. The components differ by their active ingredients.

“Post-registration clinical trials of the vaccine against the coronavirus started in Moscow on September 7, while the first participants were inoculated on September 9. One can take part in the study now at 19 Moscow medical institutions. The study will help in obtaining a permanent registration certificate and also include the over 60 age group. The study lasts 180 days,” the deputy mayor reiterated.

From the moment of inoculation doctors will monitor the health condition of the post-registration study participants for six months.




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