The Novel Technology Will Enable Simplification of the Production Process for Nano-capsules

18 September 2020

GMP News

The group of the scientists of BelSU Department for General Chemistry and Food Technology developed a new method to produce red cabbage anthocyanin nano-capsules in chitosan. The novel technology will enable simplification of the production process for nano-capsules used in pharmaceutical industry and increase their quality, exclude raw material losses in production.

The currently used methods of nano-capsules production require application of rotor-cavitation device, spray cooling tower and other expensive and sophisticated equipment, besides the technological process of nano-capsules production is quite time-consuming. The technology proposed by the BelSU researchers has no flaws specified.

According to the Head of the Department for General Chemistry and Food Technology, Associate Professor Nina Myachikova, the red cabbage anthocyanins represent coloured plant glycoside and have anti-inflammatory, antiedemic, choleretic, anti-spasmatic and other health-promoting effect.

The novel method is projected to be in high demand by the manufacturers of food and pharmacy industries.




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