Russia Aspires to Create Preparations for Genetic Diseases Treatment by 2024

14 November 2019

GMP News

As part of the program for the development of genetic technologies in Russia, three drugs will be created for the treatment of genetic diseases by 2027, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said in her report at a meeting held on November 12 in Novosibirsk, at State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR, where the role of world-class genomic research centers in the development of genetic technologies in Russia was discussed.

“The results that we are going to get under the program by 2027 – are at least 36 genetic technologies in medicine, agriculture and industry. This is about 20, and maybe even more, drugs, three of them will treat genetic diseases, at least five drugs for infectious diseases,”

Golikova said.

At the same time, Tatyana Golikova noted that Russia’s share in the market of genetic research and development is negligible, therefore it is extremely important to develop these competencies.

“In 2017, the market for genetic editing technologies was estimated at $3.2 billion, by 2022 it is assumed that this will be $6.3 billion, that is, this market is growing at a very fast pace – 14.5%, and we cannot work to lag behind,” - the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation emphasized.




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