New Russian proctology medicine makes inroads in EU markets

26 July 2021

Marchmont Innovation News

NovaMedica, a Russian pharmaceutical company and portfolio project of the national nanotech company Rusnano, has developed what might emerge into a market-winning new drug for colorectal therapy.

The new Russian drug offers in itself a combination of two active ingredients with therapeutic and pain-relieving effects. In its R&D process, NovaMedica is said to have applied technologies enabling such a combination in one product, bringing together substances that were once considered incompatible and exponentially improving their physical-chemical properties as a result.

Last month the German chemical-pharmaceutical giant Bayer inked an agreement with NovaMedica which gave the Germans an exclusive license for the commercialization of the drug. The German firm obtained the rights to both manufacture the drug and market it.

Bayer is reportedly going to bring the innovative medicine to market under the Reliefipin brand name.



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