Bladder Cancer Surgery Research of Russian and European Scientists

01 March 2019

GMP News

The Medical University of Vienna (Austria), Asclepius linic (Hamburg, Germany) and the University of Turin (Italy) have also joined the project.

The research centers will study on and compare transurethral resection of bladder tumors with laser en bloc resection.

What is more effective: electrical loop or laser power? The answer depends on variant morphology and sensitivity of the pre-cystectomy material. Then it helps to determine a stage of cancer.

Misdiagnosis can be very dangerous. If a patient is misdiagnosed he/she will often not receive treatment that they need or are given treatment for the wrong condition.

Layer-by-layer removal is considered to be a gold standard, but laser therapy may come to supersede conventional techniques. More than 500 patients will be involved in the project within two years.

New data for determining effective treatment methods may become a new stimulus that will change approach to bladder cancer surgery. It is an interesting project that attracts best specialists in endoscopic surgery, - told Prof. Dmitry Yenikeyev, Deputy Director for Research, Institute of Urology and Human Reproductive Health, coordinator from the Russian side.

The project is regarded as the world’s largest inter-center study of endoscopic resection of bladder cancer.




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