Russian Researchers Discover New Anti-Cancer Agents While Working on COVID-19

08 October 2020

GMP News

North-Caucasus Federal University researchers (Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy) have offered a description for the synthesis of substances that may help combat neuroblastoma – one of the most dangerous cancers. Initially, the researchers were trying to find compounds against COVID-19, yet the anti-cancer effect of these substances proved much stronger. As the scientists note, the development is of great importance in terms of obtaining the valuable agents from available sources, which, in turn, may help reduce the cost of the respective treatment.

This is not the first breakthrough offered by NCFU’s School of Chemical research, which has been functioning for many years now. In 2019, for instance, new compounds were found against glioblastoma and melanoma, which not just stop the spread of cancer in cells, yet also recover the tissues damaged by the disease.

The latest project has been supervised by Nikolay and Alexander Aksenovs (Department of Organic and Analytical Chemistry, NCFU), who have joined effort with other experts and students, as well as together with colleagues from Texas State University.

The project has been carried out under two major grants – from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the US National Institutes of Health.




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