SIFI and NovaMedica link up to market eye care products in Russia

27 March 2014


Italian developer of innovative eye care solutions SIFI SpA Russian pharmaceutical company NovaMedica have entered into an exclusive commercial agreement for NovaMedica to market eight products developed and licensed by SIFI for the treatment of a wide range of ophthalmic pathologies in Russia and the CIS. Financial terms of the collaboration were not disclosed.

The products include prescription drugs to treat patients undergoing ocular interventions or suffering from infections or inflammatory diseases of the eye. In particular, the portfolio includes two artificial tear formulations, Eyestil and Lacrisifi, developed to treat dry eye conditions resulting from altered or reduced tear production.

Additionally, Colbiocin, Nettavisc and Nettacin offer three antibiotic options, available in multiple dosage forms, for the treatment of external eye infections. Prenacid is a water-soluble corticosteroid indicated for treatment of inflammations, including post-surgical inflammations, and allergies. Octilia is an eye drop solution indicated for treatment of irritations, reddening, ocular congestion and pruritus due to allergic, chemical or physical causes. Lastly, Mirtilene Forte is a retinotrophic with a vasoprotective action helpful in cases of capillary fragility or vascular alterations due to diabetic retinopathy.

Products already registered in Russia and EU

All the drugs have undergone clinical studies and are registered in Russia and the European Union. NovaMedica plans to initiate sales of some of these products in Russia later this year.

“Combined with other advanced pharmaceuticals already in NovaMedica’s pipeline, the SIFI products contribute to the creation of a balanced NovaMedica portfolio with drugs and therapies in place to meet the needs of both ophthalmologists and patients across a wide variety of ocular conditions,” said Fabrice Egros, NovaMedica’s chief operating officer, adding: “This partnership enables us to quickly bring the latest therapies in the ophthalmology sector to Russian patients, a key element serving our short- and long-term strategy.”

“We are pleased to strengthen our international distribution network through the agreement with NovaMedica,” stated Stefano Salvati, SIFI CEO. “Our cooperation leads to a wide-open and effective access to the rapidly growing ophthalmology market in Russia and other CIS countries. This agreement also offers an opportunity for further joint business activities and, undoubtedly, it will contribute to a broader availability of advanced ocular therapies to Russian patients,” he noted.

NovaMedica is a joint enterprise established in 2012 between the Russian high-technology investment fund RusNano and the American venture health care fund Domain Associates (The Pharma Letter March 7, 2012).




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