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The Russian pharmaceutical market, which is the key market for NovaMedica, for the last ten years has demonstrated positive trends and represents a promising opportunity for our partners in terms of potential business development and expansion of the pharmaceutical products market.

Russia’s economy is on the upswing, and its pharmaceutical industry is one of the top 10 fastest-growing industries with 10% CAGR in 2013-2017 (4% faster that the GDP). This development is supported by increase in both the government expenditure on healthcare and the share of expenses on pharmaceutical products among the population.

In 2017, the Russian pharmaceutical market went up 9%, exceeding RUR 1 tn. The commercial segment reached 65% of the market, growing at 5% per year, while the hospital segment accounts for 35%, increasing by 18% annually. According to experts, the industry development rates will remain high, offering attractive investment opportunities in both segments due to different growth drivers. These include such initiatives as the Pharma 2030 government strategy and the healthy lifestyle trend becoming more and more popular. According to IQVIA, the volume of the Russian pharmaceutical market will reach RUR 1.6 tn by 2022.

NovaMedica actively uses the emerging market opportunities in building its portfolio of products and infrastructure assets:

As a reliable partner for business development in Russia, NovaMedica is open to cooperation with the companies that intend to enter this actively growing market and share the success brought by the well-balanced portfolio of infrastructure projects.

We are interested in development and potential localization of products in such areas as:

If you wish to discuss cooperation opportunities in these focus areas, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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