Biotechnology Development Council Established in Russia

08 August 2019

GMP News

The Council for Biotechnology Development was established in Russia under the government’s supervision. The relevant decree was signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The new governmental body will oversee the implementation of biotechnology development in the country. Also, it will be in charge of preparation, examination and expert evaluation of proposals in this area. Other important tasks include:

  • ensuring the interaction of federal government bodies, state authorities, local governments, public associations, scientific and other organizations in order to implement state biotechnology policies;
  • preparing, considering and evaluating proposals related to the development and practical use of biotechnologies, the development of the biotechnology industry, the development of existing and the formation of new markets for biological products.

The composition of the council will be approved by the government. It will be headed by one of Russia’s deputy prime ministers.



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