Drug Production to be Launched in Moscow Special Economic Zone

27 June 2019

GMP News

An agreement clearing the pharmaceutical company R-Opra to manufacture drugs in the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone was concluded at the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

Under the agreement signed the company will make drugs for the hospital and drug reimbursement segments to treat cardiac, oncological, psychiatric and breathing system disorders, as well as multiple sclerosis and chronic renal insufficiency.

By locating high-technology production facilities in Moscow, the Moscow authorities pursue several goals. Firstly, we are creating jobs for Muscovites. Secondly, we will gain economic advantages from making products with a high added value. Thirdly, we will launch the production of competitive products that can be exported and, lastly, we will enhance Moscow’s image as an industrial capital, Vice Mayor for Economic Policy and Land Ownership Relations Vladimir Yefimov said at the signing ceremony.

Some 5.37 billion rubles will be invested in the project and 270 jobs will be created, Alexander Prokhorov, head of the city’s Investment and Industrial Policy Department, said.

Localized production in the Moscow special economic zone will give the company ample access to privileges envisioned for residents of the special economic zone and allow it to reinvest the money saved to expand the project. This way the city authorities are broadening promising and effective production projects, - Prokhorov said.

Technopolis Moscow General Director Igor Ishchenko in turn said that the price of the drugs will be maximally affordable for a wide range of consumers, given that R-Opra has won a tender for the delivery of drugs under a state contract.

The fact that the company will manufacture drugs in the Moscow special economic zone is important as it provides proof that our industrial site is in high demand among investors, - he said.



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