Facebook to Fight against Vaccine Misinformation

13 March 2019

GMP News

Facebook announced this week that its going toreduce the reach of anti-vaccine contenton the worlds largest social network. Such content will no longer be allowed to be promoted through recommendations or advertisements and will also be made less prominent in search results. These are the actions that its taking short of taking down anti-vaccine posts entirely.

Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have received a lot of criticism lately for enablingmisinformation about vaccinesto spread through their platforms. Facebook did say last month that it was looking into ways to address the matter.

In addition to not taking down anti-vaccine posts completely, Facebook has also said that its exploring ways to provide users withmore context about vaccines from expert organizations.Facebooks vice president of global policy management Monika Bickertwrotein a blog post that the social network will no longer accept ads that have false information about vaccinations. It has also removed targeting categories like vaccine controversies from the advertising tools.

The social network is also going to reduce the ranking of groups and pages that spread misinformation about vaccines in News Feed and search results on the platform. These efforts also extend to Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, as suchcontent will no longer be recommendedon Instagrams Explore page.




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