Russian Companies are Fined for Anticompetitive Agreements

05 March 2019

GMP News

Vesta Pharm Ltd. and Pharm Project Ltd. are fined for an anticompetitive agreements with medical organizations who were ordering parties for medicinal supplies.

In accord with the agreement, the ordering parties sent the first parts of auction applications to the staff of those companies that would simply put down the necessary wording to eject applications of the entities not involved in the collusion. Then the ordering parties would include their exact phrasings to the Evaluation Protocol on the first parts of the bids.

FAS Commission also found that Vesta Pharm Ltd. and Pharm Project Ltd. had concluded and implemented an anticompetitive agreement, which has resulted in maintaining prices at 426 open auctions for supplying medicines, medical products and equipment for medical facilities within the public healthcare system.

Vesta Pharm Ltd. is fined over 17 million RUB for involvement in a cartel with Pharm Project Ltd. The latter was relieved from administrative liability as the company had admitted its guilt and assisted in investigating the violation.

It is important to have a clear understanding that administrative fine is not just a punitive measure, it is also prevention. Only such methods can help stop violations and prevent recidivism, - pointed out Head of FAS Anti-Cartel Department Andrey Tenishev.




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