Scientists from Iran, Australia and Russia Developed Hybrid Micromixer

14 February 2019

GMP News

An international team of scientists including research associate from Sechenov University developed a device for mixing chemical and biological reaction feeds. The team managed to increase the mixing efficiency up to 90%. The new device will be used in biological and chemical experiments. 

Small mixing devices are used in biological and chemical research in the course of experiments. For example, in biology such mixers are used for analysis, purification, and synthesis of DNA, as well as for the delivery of medicinal drugs. In chemistry they are necessary for carrying out reactions. A team of scientists from Iran, Australia, and Russia used existing mathematical models of liquid mixing and developed five different variants of passive mixers.

Micro mixers can be used in medical, chemical, and biological research. We’ve created a hybrid micro mixer and compared it with other mixing devices by mixing efficiency. Our device turned out to be applicable to a wide range of biological studies. The suggested micro mixer has different construction elements that helped us combine the mixing methods. It secures high process efficiency and is designed to replace the existing models of passive micro mixers,

said Majid Warkiani, a co-author of the work and a research associate of the laboratory of nanotheranostics at Sechenov University and of the Institute of Biomedical Materials and Devices, University of Technology Sydney.




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