Biotechnopark establishes its research center in Koltsovo

14 November 2012

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Biotechnopark, which is currently under construction in Koltsovo near Novosibirsk, will establish a research center for collective use of upscale laboratory equipment for bacterial and viral researches. The question of further development of the Biotechnopark infrastructure was considered at a meeting of the regional government.

The regional government decided to increase the authorized capital of JSC Management Company Science and Technology Park in Biotechnology (MC Biotechnopark) by 200M RUR with the funds of regional budget for 2012-2013 to create the center for collective access in the biotechnopark. The area of the center is 6K square meters. As a result, the authorized capital of the Biotechnopark increased by 80%.

The funds are needed for investment in advanced developments of the Biotechnopark's engineering infrastructure and creating the elements of its innovative infrastructure, - Alexey Strukov, the minister of economic development of the region said. He also noted that this will remove two major obstacles the residents face with: the lack of access to equipment and specialized facilities, so-called clean rooms. 

Alexey Strukov also outlined the indicators of socio-economic benefits to be achieved by 2016 with the consideration of all prepared changes. The proceeds from sales of the Biotechnopark's residents, according to his calculations, should be at least 1.85B RUR; the number of resident companies of the Biotechnopark is at least 16; the number of jobs created by the resident companies and the companies of innovative and service infrastructure should be 940.

The regional government adopted a long-term target program in early 2011 to create the Biotechnopark in 2011-2015 in Koltsovo. It will focus on the commercialization of research results of State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology (SRC) Vector (located in Koltsovo), local innovative firms and companies, the institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Strukov noted that Novosibirsk authorities were negotiating with potential residents of the Biotechnopark, and noted that existing large pharma companies were intersted in the technopark. Preliminary investment, as he says, will be $50M per resident.


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