Scientists propose to treat cancer with nanoparticles

27 December 2018

Invest Foresight

Scientists from the Far Eastern Federal University proposed a new treatment for brain cancer. They believe that nanoparticles could be efficient.

The scientists claim that for the treatment to be effective, cancer stem cells need to be ‘rebooted’ or activated artificially and then destroyed with chemotherapy. This will prevent them from multiplying, Regnum reports.

Cancer stem cells trigger a tumor’s growth and relapses. One of the great difficulties is that affecting the stem cells is only possible during their active phase, which is very hard to track. Alexander Kagansky, leading researcher and Head of the Center for Genome and Regenerative Medicine of the Far Eastern Federal University, says that the proposed treatment is risky. But during their passive phase, the cancer cells do not respond to chemotherapy.

Last summer, scientists from the Monash University (Melbourne) developed a drug that stops a tumor from spreading without any side effects. The drug consists of molecules that suppress protein activity. Their effect increases in tumor cells. The drug does not affect healthy tissues. This distinguishes it from chemotherapy.




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