New multi-targeting oligosaccharide drug could give hope to Alzheimer patients

01 November 2018

GMP News

According to lead researcher Geng Meiyu, GV-971, a multi-targeting oligosaccharide drug developed by a Chinese research group, could give Alzheimer patients hope.

GV-971 was developed by Ocean University of ChinaShanghai Institute of Materia Medicaunder Chinese Academy of Sciences and Green Valley Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, after a 21-year study.

The drug completed phase 3 clinical trial in July this year. A phase three clinical trial is the last test before reaching the market. In the trial, participants took 450 mg GV-971 orally twice a day for 36 weeks, which proved effective in improving cognition.

Extracted from brown algae, the drug is targeted at patients with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s. Independent animal experiments also showed that it can regulate the immune system, reduce neuro-inflammation and improve cognition.




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