First Russian continuous flow hydrogenation reactor will boost drug development

23 August 2018

GMP News

Scientists of Penza State University have developed the first in Russia continuous flow hydrogenation reactor, which is capable to carry out the entire spectrum of chemical reactions with pure hydrogen.

The reactor is intended for use in pharmaceutics (it makes possible obtaining tens of thousands of medicines), in cosmetology (for the production of deodorants), in organic synthesis (enabling chemists to experiment on synthesis of various substances), while maintaining a constant temperature and pressure.

The development of this device took about one and a half years. It is worth mentioning that earlier there were no such high-level developments in Russia. Similar reactors are produced in Hungary and Germany.

“The reactor is required to master the most effective modes of obtaining chemical compounds, that later can go into mass production. This enables us to save companies millions of rubles,”- said Mr. Artemov, the Project Manager, Director of the Institute of FPI PSU.


One of the features of the device is its small size as well as the improved characteristics in comparison with foreign analogues, said Igor Kochegarov, an associate professor of the department “Design and production of radio equipment” of the PSU, one of the developers of the project.

“While the foreign counterparts are able to maintain the temperature required for the reaction at the level of 100-120 degrees, then we have reached its upper limit of 150 degrees. This is quite important for chemists, as it makes possible to expand the range of application of the device,” Igor Kochegarov emphasized.



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