Russian researchers developed a complex gene therapy drug

21 August 2018

GMP News

Russian researchers have developed a complex antitumor gene therapy drug. They have already carried out preclinical testing of cancer drug called AntionkoRAN-M.

Two genes (a cell killer and an immunostimulatory molecule) are enclosed in a polymer shell which plays role of a drug delivery vehicle. Experts believe that such innovative drug will stand for the future of oncology, since it does not have as many side effects as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Dr. Marina Sekacheva, head of the Center for Personalized Oncology “OncoTarget” at the First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University) hopes for an earliest opportunity to use the new Russian drug in practice.

“Unfortunately, great success of modern Oncology research does not cover all malignant tumors. Head and neck cancer are difficult to treat; they are characterized by aggressive tumor cells growth, a high degree of patients’ disability. The possibilities of surgical treatment are limited by the specific area where tumor cells start growing. Therefore, development of each new drug will be met with great enthusiasm by oncologists. So, now we will wait for clinical trials to be completed taking in account successful first preclinical results,” commented Dr. Sekacheva.



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