Russia introduces personalized cancer vaccine

31 July 2018

GMP News

Russian Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova spoke about innovative developments in oncology by describing, in particular, several original Russian drugs, including those used in case of particularly dangerous infections.

Last year, these were the automated devices for biopathogens detection.

“This year, we have 25 projects and, first of all, we focus on oncology. We will have several unique test systems as early as by the end of next year. We will be able to use liquid biopsy methods, which are capable to diagnose cancer long before its clinical manifestation. These are the personalized methods of treatment,” added the Minister.

This area involves active cooperation with the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Veronika Skvortsova commented:

“We will have some really unique medicines. We are already launching new technologies. In these technologies T-lymphocytes are collected from a patient, modified and introduced back into the body, and thus, after  shock and immune failure patient overcomes the disease. Moreover, this cancer vaccine is personalized. This will be very interesting, as such vaccines have no analogs in the world so far. In addition, there will be oncolytic viruses. The work is being done by a young, very smart and optimistic team brought together from almost all Russian regions.”



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