ROSNANO will allocate additional financing to ôRussian Membranesö

04 October 2013

Venture News

The board of directors at the meeting in absentia has taken decision about changing the main parameters of ROSNANO participation in the investment project “Russian Membranes: modern production establishment of nano-structural membranes and separation modules on its basis”.

During time, passed after the investment, there has been achieved progress in the project realization: in the shortest period there will be built the largest in Europe and the only one in Russia manufacture of membrane fabric and goods on its basis.

Taking into consideration the objective character of changed market situation, and also a range of difficulties, with which the project has met, and taking into consideration innovation character of production, and also its social significance, the Board of Directors has taken decision about allocation to “RM Nanotech” additional financing in amount of up to 290M rubles, which will first of all be directed at expenses compensation, which refer to putting into operation plant in the Vladimir region and serial production establishment, and also conduction of pilot tests of filter systems on the objects of potential client. Value appreciation, in comparison with initial and recently approved cost sheet, generated by more severe, if compared to West, requirements to sanitary rules maintenance, and establishment of sewage disposal plants.

Besides this, the Board of Directors has taken decision on development of renewed strategy on promotion of the “RM Nanotech” products, and further development of the company. Adjustment has been initiated first of all by need of aggressive policy of foreign competitors in Russian market.




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