The portfolio Company of ROSNANO “BIND Therapeutics” has conducted IPO at NAS

01 October 2013

Venture News

BIND Therapeutics, Inc., the portfolio company of ROSNANO, has finished the IPO of 4.700.000 common shares. Cost of IPO comprised $15.00 per one share. In the result of BIND Therapeutics’s IPO, there has been attracted $70.5M (before the discount and underwriters’ commission deduction).

The Company BIND Therapeutics develops a new class of therapeutic agents of directional effect in the core of disease named Accurins™. It increases efficiency of the cancer treatment and other pathologic diseases. The portfolio of earnings by BIND includes medicine for addressed cancer therapeutics (BIND-014), and also arrange of other anticancer, int-inflammatory and cardiovascular medicaments.

Shares of the Company BIND Therapeutics have been included into NASDAQ Global Select Market listing under the symbol “BIND”. Shares have been listed at NASDAQ in September 20, 2013.

The Company BIND Therapeutics became the first portfolio company of ROSNANO, which successfully distributed its shares at the American Stock Exchange.




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