Russian government to develop domestic production of vaccines

05 March 2013

The Pharma Letter

The Russian government is considering investing in the domestic production of vaccines, by building a new and modernization of the already existing factories, as well as creating conditions for the improvement of quality of their production. This is expected to be part of the state strategy of drug supply in Russia until 2025, which was recently approved by the Russian government. 
It is planned that the majority of funds will be invested in the modernization of the state-owned vaccines enterprises, and in particular Microgen, Russia’s monopoly in the production of certain types of vaccines. The total amount of investment which is expected to be allocated for the project is not disclosed. 

According to Russian analysts, currently, locally-made vaccines are not in big demand among the local consumers, who prefer to buy imported production. Doctors also prefer imported products, due to less allergic reactions and side effects. 

The demand for imported production is very high, despite a significant price difference between the imports and local production. For example, if the locally-made vaccine against polio costs about 7 roubles, its imported equivalents are priced at 300 roubles ($10). In this regard, local producers mainly survive due to state purchases. 


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