Inaccuracies in the requirements for anti-terrorist passports result in losses for pharmacies

01 November 2022


Due to the judicial practice on the issue of anti-terrorist passports, pharmacy organizations are suffering losses. This is reported by FV with reference to the Soyuzfarma association.

“The organization notes that there are a number of contradictions and inaccuracies in the control of anti-terrorist protection of buildings and structures. They are not normally interpreted in favor of enterprises. As a result of the inspections, a significant number of lawsuits are initiated, which result in large fines,” the newspaper writes.

Soyuzpharma asked Opora Russia to contact the Ministry of Emergency Situations and ask it to provide the pharmaceutical industry with detailed explanations of the rules applied when checking the anti-terrorist security of the facility.

Pharmacies have previously asked for exemption from active duty for their IT specialists.




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