The Circle of Kindness Foundation receives up to 70 new applications for medicines supply every week

25 November 2021


The Circle of Kindness Foundation for the support of children with life-threatening and chronic diseases receives about 50-70 applications from the regions for the provision of medicines every week. This was announced on Monday, November 22, by Aleksander Tkachenko,  the head of the Foundation, TASS reports.

“To date, 2,750 children have already been provided with drugs, or contracts have been concluded to supply drugs to them; this includes medicines that are not registered in the Russian Federation. The total amount of funds allocated for the implementation of the fund’s tasks is 37.9 billion rubles,” Tkachenko said during a round table at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation entitled “The tenth anniversary of orphan drugs legislation in Russia: its history and development prospects.”

According to him, the supply of medicines is enough to provide patients until the end of 2021 and in the first quarter of 2022. After the application is approved, the child receives the medicinal product within one or two days.

The head of the organization also announced the launch of an information system that ensures personal data safety. This system, accessible to patient’s parents or legal representatives (through the public services website), receives applications from regional health authorities. In the near future, parents will be able to trace all the stages of the application: its submission, assignment in the expert council, decision-making, conclusion of the contract, the remaining quantity of drug vials.

“This is a very important element for maintaining the transparency of the Foundation’s activities,” Alexander Tkachenko stressed.

Earlier, it became known that in 2021, the Circle of Kindness allocated 30 billion rubles for medicines and treatment of seriously ill children.




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